Labelmoto® Electric / Automatic Label Dispensers

Peel and Advance virtually Any kind of Label from Product Brand labels to Bar Codes to Die-Cut Parts.

The LabelMoto®  high-speed electric label dispensers automatically peels and advances most types of labels and die-cut parts made from paper, polyester, vinyl, acetate, foam, foil, and other materials. All LabelMoto® label dispensers have a photosensor, which ensures that the unit peels, dispenses, and advances accurately and consistently. The liner scrap is automatically rewound for a clean working environment. No tools are required to adjust the dispenser for different label sizes.

Labelmoto electric label dispensers, LD6050
Labelmoto electric label dispensers, LD6050

Sharp Strip Plate and Tension Control

The LabelMoto®  electric label dispensers sharp strip plate and tension control helps peel and advance most types of labels and die-cut parts made from paper, polyester, vinyl, acetate, foam, foil, and other materials.

We use only Industrial grade Sensors for Accurate and Consistent Dispensing

All Labelmoto Label Dispensers come equipped with industrial grade photosensors, which ensures that the machine will function in the most industrial work environments with accurate precision.

Labelmoto electric label dispenser photo sensor

A machine that functions the way you need it to!

Completely adjustable sensor to see any Size and Shape Label you have.  (Circles, Heart, Moon, Square, and so on….)

Suitable for the most Demanding Industrial Environments.

All LabelMoto® dispenser structural parts are made from construction grade aluminum for durability to function for years in the most demanding industrial environments.

Labelmoto electric label dispensers parts
Labelmoto electric label dispensers cert

Feel Confident knowing your machine is Safe for your Employees.

All LabelMoto® dispensers Meets UL and IEC Safety Standards.
Certified By Bureau Veritas / Curtis Straus (OSHA recognized NRTL Labratory).

Save Time & Save Money!

All AC LabelMoto® dispensers Accept minimum of 1″ (25 mm) roll core sizes; and have a 12″ (305 mm) maximum outside roll diameter.

Get your label rolls larger and Save Time switching out your rolls and more time in production. And Save Money from your label printer. Larger rolls equal less label costs.

Labelmoto electric label dispensers side view diameter roll
Labelmoto electric label dispensers LD3000-LDHANGER16-2

A hanging system for our customers to have more bench space while performing their assembly applications.

The LabelMoto® Hanging capability allows the operator to hang LabelMoto Label Dispensers to minimize the footprint on workbenches and tabletops.

Proudly Made in Dallas Texas, U.S.A.

All LabelMoto® Electric Label Dispensers and Other Products, Have Been Proudly Made in the U.S.A since 1981!



START International’s full line of Labelmoto® brand of industrial electric / automatic label dispensers Made in the USA, provide consistent, high precision and accurate labeling to a wide range of applications in packaging, electronics, electrical, automotive, appliance and assembly industries.

START International, being the first to add Photo Sensor technology to electric label dispensers back in 1996, we are able to handle virtually any size, shape and material of labels; including die-cut, butt-cut and kiss-cut materials. Ideal for all types of pressure sensitive labels including packaging labels, product identification labels, bottle labels, clear wafer labels, RFID labels, Barcode labels, QR Code labels and more.

Since 1981 we have been solely focused on the manufacturing line. Our products are a culmination of efforts from our extensive knowledge of industrial applications and listening to our customers needs. With our newest line of dispensers, the Labelmoto® brand; we have instituted multiple patented and patent pending systems to our machinery.