LD3000 FDA

USDA/FDA Compliant Coating


LD3000FDA Electric Semi Automatic Label Dispenser, labelmoto, label moto, Label Dispensers

Available Accessories:

LDPBATTERY Rechargeable
External Battery Pack
LDHanger16 Stand
for label Dispenser
LD-Sensor EXT KiT
Photo Sensor Bracket Extension
accessory-LDPBATTERY_LD2000-b accessories-LDHANGER16 accessories-LD-SENSOR-EXT-KIT

Ideal for virtually any kind of label from bar codes to packaging

  • Will dispense labels and die-cut parts
  • Ideal for small labels and small work areas
  • Automatically peels labels from the liner and advances labels
  • New built-in 1/4” bracket for hanging capability for use with workbenches and LDHANGER16(Reel Holder Arm Extention PRT-019-01 required for LD3000 series)
  • Will dispense labels and die-cut parts
  • Photosensor accuracy and reliability
  • All-metal construction
  • Will dispense labels from .25” to 2.25” (6 to 57mm) in width
  • Will dispense labels from .25” to 3” (6 to 76mm) in length
  • Works with most clear material
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Also available with LD6050 USDA/FDA Compliant Coating

Please note:  Surface finish may vary from piece to piece and/or machine to machine due to the nature of the specialty coating.

Will accommodate core sizes of 1” (25mm) and 3” (76mm)

Automatically rewinds liner scrap for a cleaner working environment

Liner scrap is easily removed

No tools required for adjusting to different size labels

No maintenance required

The LD3000 can be daisy-chained to other LD3000s for dispensing different labels at the same time. This enables up to 8 dispensers to operate as a single dispenser. Order part no. LD3000-CABLE for each connection

All 230V machines are CE certified




USDA/FDA compliant coating ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries
Proprietary coating available for all label dispensers
Call us at 972.248.1999 or email at
info@startinternational.com for additional info




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Model# Liner Capacity Width Length Roll Capacity Feed Speed Dimensions Electrical Requirements Weight
LD3000    .25” to 2.25”
(6mm to 57mm)
.25” to 3”
(6mm to 76mm)
2.2”/sec*  (5.6cm/sec.) 7.0”(L) x 6.1”(W) x 10.7”(H)
17.8cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 27.2cm(H)
12V Dc with Universal transformer
100V - 240V AC • CE Available
2.8 lbs  (1.27kg)