Manual Bottle Label Applicator

Electric Semi Automatic Label Dispenser, labelmoto, label moto, Label Dispensers

Ideal for virtually Any kind of Label from Bar Codes to Packaging.

  • Quickly applies labels to bottles, cans, jars, and other cylindrical products.
  • Ideal for short runs
  • Accurately places labels in same location for consistent look
  • Easily adjustable for different sized cylindrical products from
    .5” (12.70mm) to 6.5” (165mm) in diameter [ChapStick® size to 1 gallon]
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The LAB01 features START International’s brand new, patent pending, cyli-SIZE™ technology. Easily label different sized cylindrical products, from .5” (12.70mm) to 6.5” (165mm) in one easy step. [ChapStick® size to 1 gallon]

Heavy-duty metal construction

• No tools required for adjusting to different size labels

No regular maintenance required

Applies labels on bottles up to 6.5” in diameter



Available Accessories:

 LAB01 Accessory for Light-Weight
Bottles and Containers
Model# Liner Capacity Width Length Roll Capacity Feed Speed Dimensions Electrical Requirements Weight
LD3000    .25” to 2”
(6mm to 51mm)
.25” to 3”
(6mm to 76mm)
2.2”/sec*  (5.6cm/sec.) 7.0”(L) x 6.1”(W) x 10.7”(H)
17.8cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 27.2cm(H)
12V DC with Universal 
Power Supply
100V - 240V AC • CE
2.8 lbs  (1.27kg)